Chahat is an initiative taken by a group of teachers which works in direction of providing education to poor girls. We know that despite all the effort taken by goverment and our society specially girls still suffer through discrimination not only when it comes to oppurtunities but in terms of higher education also.

We fight for every girl born in our society.

We work for girls-

-Who niether can pay for fees nor do they want to study.

-Poor economic condition

Chahat works to-

  • Eradicate the discrimination from the society by educating girls from the poorest section of the society. This ensures that the literacy rate increases and as literacy rates increases many social evils such as child labour, dowry, etc which still prevail in lower sections of society are removed. This increases the growth of our country.
  • Motivate the girls to dream, and we teach them ways to reach their dreams. The girls are now taking part in every job scope of society thus we want our girls to aim high and achieve all the sucess in the world.
  • Educate the girls so they can dream big and they can take part in growth of society. “Youth is the future and youth is the power” We know this that’s why we give training of real life skills and show them how to perform their best in society.

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